From LED deco lamps over LED light bulbs to LED tubes HNY-Ltd. has led the track to salability in western markets.



LED Deco Lights with our technology are available in supermarkets in Europe and America under the brands of Oxford Digital, Lumin&Sens, Amcor and others



bulbLW bulbLED light bulbs which can replace common 60W lamps are a more advanced task
Our solutions can be found among others in products of
LedzWorld, Lumin&Sens and Amcor

These bulbs are mainly sold to hotels, but can be found also in some shops.



LED tube lights are the latest attainment. The market is huge, but the requirements are high. LED tubes have to prove long life and low power consumption to be competitive.

From early applications in the Amsterdam office of ABN Amro Bank to the standard tubes which are lighting the offices of Expo Royal in Wilsum, Germany, was a long way.



The first non-sample delivery of standard LED tubes with SMD technology took place beginning of this year.

The customer expects substantial savings.