LED Spotlights 63mm



These spotlight bulbs are more powerful. With a diameter of 63 mm, they fit into appropriate lamp holders with GU5.3 (for 12V) or GU10, E14 or E27  (for 110/230V) sockets, replacing 63 mm halogen lamps of 20 to 30 Watt, and R63 reflector lamps up to 40 Watt.


LED spotlights do not radiate UV and IR, their heat generation is much lower than halogen lamps. That makes LED spotlights very suitable for cabinets and showcases, e.g. in museums or galleries.

UV or heat sensitive objects like museum expositions, paintings or jewelry will not suffer when illuminated by LED spotlights.


These powerful models can serve as downlights in suspended ceilings (in hotels, etc).



Spotlights 3 Watt

for Downlights, Cabinet and Showcase Illumination

48 SMD Chips, 130 Lm (2700K)

spread angle: 120º

12V: GU5.3 fitting

110/230V: GU10, E14, E27 fittings




Spotlights 2.5 Watt

for Downlights, Cabinet and Showcase Illumination

21 SMD 5050 Chips, 140 Lm (2700K)

spread angle: 120º


GU10, E14, E27 fittings