Economy and Return of Investment


LED tubes are expensive, more than 10 times the price of FL tubes.

Aside of their environmental advantages, LED tubes return profit in the following cases:


* Long operation hours, where the power savings justify the higher price
e.g., Walmart is replacing all FL tubes in cooled areas by LED tubes, ROI in half a year

* Frequent light switching
FL tubes do not like switching, their lifetime declines sharply with frequent switching
e.g., automatic staircase lights, elevator lights

* Difficult locations
where the costs of exchange are substantial
e.g., high ceilings, factory lighting, outdoor advertising light boxes / billboards.



Sample ROI Calculation







The LED tube would save 1.3 tons of CO2

as compared to the FL tube.


This sample calculation does not take into account:

-  The light quality:
   FL tubes with comparable quality light
   are about 3 times as expensive

-  Energy savings
when the tube is operated
   in A/C cooled areas

-  Costs of financing