Comparison of LED Tubes vs. Fluorescent Tubes



LED Tube Light

Fluorescent Tube Light


Lights the desired area, not everything around

Not directional

FL light radiates all around, 360

Contributes to light pollution

Light color as desired

for different lighting requirements

Light color spectrum is easily adjusted

through the Phosphor mix

Cold light

warmer tones only with high effort (expensive)

Natural Colors

color rendering depends on Phosphor mix

Colors appear not natural

better color rendering only possible at

significantly higher manufacturing costs

Instant start

also in cold temperatures

Start with delay and flickering

especially in cold environments

Not for hot environments

operates best below 40C

needs open air for cooling

Can operate in environments up to 60C

at less light output

Low Power Consumption

e.g. 16W for a 120cm T8 tube

High Power Consumption

e.g. 50W for a 38W 120cm T8 tube

more at frequent switching

Long Life

50,000 hours, not sensitive to switching

Short Life

10-15,000 hours with rare switching

much less when switched frequently

Environmental Friendly

Fully recyclable, no hazardous substances

Dangerous to Environment

Not recyclable, has limited exception from RoHS