HNY-Ltd. C An LED Solution Company


In 2006, engineers from several countries including Germany, Holland, New Zealand, Canada and China came together in China. They intended to use their skills to do something to protect the environment.

Foreseeing the potential of LED technology for general lighting, their immediate goal was to make Chinese LED lighting technology suitable for western markets, achieving an affordable alternative to environmentally dangerous or energy wasting light.


In the beginning there were deco lamps, only. They soon were accepted worldwide, and by now have replaced the incandescent decoration lamps.


The first light LED bulbs with enough power to replace a 40W incandescent lamp appeared in 2007, but it took to mid 2008 to make them safe according to international standards.


As brighter LED chips are now available at reasonable prices, HNY-Ltd. turned to tube lights.

The major issues of LED lighting that lead to difficulties are thermal management and insulation C conflicting requirements that need careful consideration.


Another issue is the driver, limited space and high efficiency are the challenges.

In HNY-Ltd. we have the expertise and experience to work with various suppliers in order to get our products done the way we want to have them.


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