LED Tubes for General Lighting

Environmental friendly replacement for Fluorescent Tubes


Fluorescent Tubes

Since 50 years fluorescent tubes carry the bulk of lighting in offices, factories and public buildings.
Everyone knows them - and got adjusted to their disadvantages.


How do FL tubes work– A little Background


FL Tubes – Main Disadvantages


LED tube in office

The Alternative: LED Tubes

A real alternative to fluorescent lighting are LED tubes.
They contain absolutely no mercury, do not emit UV radiation
and are truly energy saving, lasting four times as long as fluorescent tubes.

                  picture: office lit by LED tubes


compareAdvantages of LED Tubes

Environmental friendly, directional light, comfortable and healthy


calculationEconomic Considerations

LED tubes are expensive, but their low power consumption and long life make them worthwhile.


productsHNY LED Tubes

Our LED tubes are the peak performers in the market, yet in the lower price range.